Useful Links

The Witch & The Pig’s Twitter: Shouldn’t have to explain that… Where I buy most of my PDFs. Awesome website.

Basic D&D Rules: WotC’s offering of the Basic rules was quite nice of them, now wasn’t it?

Surfarcher’s 5e Monster Analysis: A very in-depth analysis of the math that makes Monsters–and, in reality, Player Characters–go and break things with large weapons.

Stan’s 5e Rules Summary: A DM-screen rules summary, since the DM screen from WotC doesn’t come out for a while.

Stars Without Number: An awesome, OSR-based sandbox sci-fi RPG that I dearly love to write things for.

Eclipse Phase: A transhuman sci-fi horror table-top RPG. Quite fun, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Eclipse Phase: Identity Crisis: Example of Eclipse Phase, and well worth the long read.


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